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    How Performance Management Solution Improves Customer Experience

    By leveraging a performance management solution, team leaders can provide timely responses and requisite guidance to their teams to improve their KRAs.

    The Role Gamification Plays in Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Retention

    Gamification involves incorporating game-like elements, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, into non-game contexts to motivate and engage users.

    Manual Dialers to Cloud-Based Systems- How Tech has Shaped CX in the last 2 Decades

    Outsourcing was not a new phenomenon in the 70s; it became global in the 80s when transport and telecommunication became more affordable and convenient. Learn how contact centers grew and more.

    Revolutionizing Underperforming Sales with Innovative CX Strategy

    The journey of a good prospective customer begins with product discovery through an advertisement or based on their requirements and continues even after the purchase.

    Win-Win Situation: How Outsourcing CX Helps RMG Achieve Better Results

    Outsourcing CX proved to be a strategic move for a prominent RMG business, resulting in better results, like increased customer satisfaction, cost optimization, and operational efficiency.

    Know When Your Business Needs to Outsource

    Even if your business has a bomb service or a product to sell, you need the remaining departments to be as efficient in helping you build a sustainable competitive advantage.

    Debunking the Customer Engagement Code for the Digital-First World 

    Businesses report 40% improved operational efficiency, 35% enhanced CX and 25% increased business agility by adopting digital CX solutions.

    Building an Outsourced Team for Customer Support

    Identifying the right partner, defining goals and processes, and providing effective training.

    Work From Home and Customer Experience

    Learn how our personalized and customer-centric approach helped businesses achieve the unexpected amidst the tumultuous COVID-19 phase.

    How CX Is Helping Food Delivery Companies Grow

    Managing the interaction between different stakeholders like delivery platforms, restaurants, and customers is the key to the success of online food delivery.

    Things To Know About Chat Support Outsourcing

    How does it feel when your customers say — “Thank you so much for the best service.”  “You guys are the best."  "Appreciate quick turnaround.” Great, right?  This is what a brand would aspire for in the present competitive market. Today’s consumers, like us, want quick resolutions and easy accessibility. Companies should enable them along [...]

    How Does Business Process Outsourcing Work?

    In the ever-changing business world, companies need to ramp up their facilities and functions as they grow. However, growth is tough owing to multiple challenges like costs, expertise, time, and other operational bottlenecks.   How does Outsourcing help?   Organizations use outsourcing services to streamline their back office, and non-core processes like HR, payroll, logistics, and [...]

    Customer Service and Customer Experience

    Customer experience dynamics are changing rapidly. It is important to understand what people need when they require your service. You should be available to help them quickly and efficiently. That’s why companies are leveraging various automation tools, upgrading their CX practices, and improving based on their CX metrics and analytics. A positive experience leads to [...]

    The Ultimate Guide to Outsource Your Business for the First Time

    If you are thinking about Outsourcing, let me first congratulate you for taking the first step towards making your business more efficient and for putting it on a steeper growth curve. In the current business environment and the way the world has shrunk over the years with giant strides in technology and communication, a business [...]

    How to Make Sure Your Chat Support Services Succeeds?

    Businesses have realized that the key to their growth is delivering an exceptional experience throughout a customer’s journey. This will not only ensure customer retention but will also convert customers into brand advocates, who will then pull new customers to buy from them. A 2019 study of more than 34,000 consumers worldwide by Verint Systems [...]

    Has Covid-19 impacted the Technology Vs. Humans debate?

    In an earlier article AI vs. HI - Are we asking the right questions?, I had written about my views on the ongoing debate about how AI is all set to take over the role of humans in customer support functions. My observations in that article were that while technology is taking gigantic leaps, and [...]

    Four business processes that can easily be outsourced

    Four business processes that can easily be outsourced There comes a time, at least once during the entire metamorphosis of a business when it has to decide whether it needs to outsource its processes or not. The criticality of this decision lies in its priorities. Many owners reject the idea of outsourcing for the very [...]

    Train to retain Importance of upskilling in retaining talent

    In my last blog, Upskill. Reskill. Repeat., I wrote about organizations needing to create a culture of continuous learning, especially in these times of rapid technological advancement, as a means to stay competitive through a future ready human capital. I also wrote about how JindalX ‘s proprietary LMS is helping us achieve that objective through [...]

    COVID-ifying Customer Experiences

    The change in customer behavior, resulted from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has compelled businesses to rethink about what customer care means during these testing times. It has forced organizations to review and reimagine customer journeys and evaluate and redefine customer satisfaction metrics. Moreover, organizations have begun focusing more on improving customer experience as [...]

    Going beyond shopping cart abandonment in E-Commerce

    A trend commonly observed in online shopping than in brick and mortar retail outlets represents a large gap in potential conversions. It is estimated that the percentage of cart abandonments ranges from 50% to 80%. Furthermore, according to a ReadyCloud report, there’s a 97.9% gap in conversions with a 65% rate of cart abandonments and [...]

    Outsourcing Business Intelligence

    Data forms the core of cyberphysical systems (CPSs), which are considered the backbone of the fourth Industrial Revolution. It is increasingly influencing decision-making. Experts predict that by 2025, there will be 163 zettabytes of data generated per year and on an average, an individual will have interaction with connected devices every 18 seconds. It is [...]

    Revenue Cycle challenges in this new decade

    As entire nations encourage their populations to stay inside to avoid COVID-19, healthcare providers are more active than ever in response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The current environment for revenue cycle management is laden with clinical and financial challenges. The Challenges Few challenges faced in revenue cycle today include: Delay in payments [...]

    Customer Service @ Work From Home

    The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic is showing catastrophic consequences worldwide. The disruptions in our day-to-day lives and businesses are beyond imagination. The spread of novel coronavirus, especially in India seems to have fueled the already continuing economic slowdown. Lockdowns and impositions of Section 144 in multiple states have added to the woes of the already [...]

    Is E-Commerce immune to COVID-19?

    History has shown how lifestyles get affected with the emergence of every economic recession or pandemic worldwide. For instance, the SARS outbreak in 2002-2004 led to the growth and expansion of the then small e-commerce, Alibaba in order to minimize crowd formations and human contact. On a similar note, preferences for ride-sharing apps such as [...]

    A patient-centric RCM for better healthcare services

    Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a broader term, focusing largely on the financial aspect of healthcare. While it is often believed that revenue cycle interactions are handled as business processes between healthcare providers and players, the reality is that the patient has emerged to be a key player in such interactions today. With recent advances [...]

    Context, Consistent, Comprehensive – 3cs of an Effective CX Strategy

    The emphasis of organizations today is to elevate their customers’ experiences at every touchpoint of their customer’s journey. And to understand and enhance these interactions the fundamental starting point is to identify those transactions and comprehend where those interactions take place. Since these interactions often change the customer’s perception of the brand, it’s extremely important [...]

    Upskill. Reskill. Repeat.

    The world is obsessed with technology, and rightly so. The last decade and a half has seen an unprecedented level of technological innovation and business disruption caused by it. Most organizations have made innovation (with a hope of disruption) an integral part of their business strategy. Those who ignored it, have perished or are clawing [...]

    AI vs. HI – Are we asking the right questions?

    Will machines take over the world eventually? Movies like Terminator romanced with this idea as far back as 1984. This was thirty five years ago. The last decade and a half has seen significant development in the field of AI, machine learning and IoT, which has brought the focus back on the idea of machines [...]

    Are your customers ready to acclimatize to your digital strategy?

    The scope of innovation has multiplied rapidly with the increase in digitization and processing of data by mobile devices. Recent research has featured how the extraordinary properties of digital technology enable newer types of innovation processes. No doubt, such innovations are distinct from the analog innovation processes of the Industrial Era, yet they tend to [...]

    Innovation is not just about technology, it’s a change in mindset

    Innovation is a new idea or a new way of doing things. It could be a change in something that is established or it could be a new way of looking at a problem to identify a new solution. It is a process of thinking creatively, and what we oftentimes refer to as “out of [...]

    Culture Trumps Everything Else

    An organization is only as strong as its culture. And since culture is defined by the shared values of its people, that’s where an organization draws its strength from. At JindalX, we are proud of the four values that define our culture – Ownership, Innovation, Growth & Opportunity and the value that binds the first [...]

    Evolution can be a powerful ally

    Jindal Intellicom to Jindal X is a story of two decades of evolution. And I use the word ‘evolution’ deliberately because it has been a journey of measured growth by innovating, learning and adapting. The Genesis The idea of Jindal Intellicom can be traced back to the turn of the last millennium in Texas, USA. In [...]

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