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    mandavi sharma
    Mandavi Sharma

    The world is obsessed with technology, and rightly so. The last decade and a half has seen an unprecedented level of technological innovation and business disruption caused by it. Most organizations have made innovation (with a hope of disruption) an integral part of their business strategy. Those who ignored it, have perished or are clawing their way back, having reconciled with this hard reality.

    What often gets overlooked, however, is that behind all the AI, machine learning and other technology drivers, are people. The shelf-life of workforce skills is dropping drastically as these new technologies are increasingly being integrated into the workplace. To stay competitive and thrive, organizations need to move at the speed of business. This requires their human capital to not only continually upgrade their knowledge and advance technical skills with agility, but also re-skill in such softer skills as people-to-people interactions, team work, collaboration, communication, innovation and customer focused mindset, which have become the new workplace paradigm.

    Upskilling and Re-skilling at JindalX

    Our proprietary learning management system provides employees an opportunity for self-paced and value-based learning, which is supplemented with in-class micro-learning and nano-learning sessions. It also allows for digitization and gamification of content where necessary.

    Our training methodology follows a collaborative model, where a job-specific need analysis is partnered with an employee’s personal development plan. This allows upskilling for greater efficiency in their current role, prepares them for bigger roles in the organization and also encourages them to develop competencies they wish to improve upon and the skills they wish to gain. This has achieved success at JindalX as the process is inclusive, personalized and employees are empowered to map their own career path.

    Research shows that micro learning is more engaging, provides flexibility and in-the-moment learning, matches the attention span of adults and makes knowledge transfer more efficient. The bottom line is that learners prefer it. Our learning platform and in-class sessions are aligned with this methodology and provide best-in-class content, which employees use to enhance their skills even during short workday breaks, either individually or in a group environment.

    ā€œAge of the Customerā€

    We are in the “Age of the Customer” and continuous learning has to be one of the key tenets of any organization’s value system. At JindalX, it is a fundamental part of our culture-tactically, to solve for the Forgetting Curve and strategically, to help our growing workforce become future ready.

    Watch this space and follow our LinkedIn page for more about the learning culture at JindalX and the trainings we conduct for our teams.

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