We are not just a BPO service provider, but a CX business partner

    A positive customer experience (CX) is crucial to a business’s success because a happy customer means a loyal customer. CX today stands as one of the most critical factors for the sustained growth of any business. With over 2 decades of experience in managing CX for large- and small-scale enterprises, JindalX understands what it takes to acquire, serve, and retain prospective customers.

    How We Help?

    Brands must develop unique messaging and create differentiators as modern-day customers are spoilt for choices. They need to work on personalizing their customer experience so that they can differentiate themselves and build a competitive advantage. JindalX, over the years, has partnered with different businesses across industries to create exponential customer growth and loyalty. How? By investing in the overall development of our people and developing automated solutions for our clients. Our gamification-based learning modules and automated quality control measures have been instrumental in solving unique and critical customer support challenges and helping our partners connect better with their existing and prospective customers.


    Drive loyalty and royalty with unprecedented operational eficiency!

    What We Do?

    We build solutions that help you deliver exceptional customer experiences


    Customer Acquisition

    We build a customized strategy for every industry uniquely tailored to engage with prospective customers and convert desires into action.


    Customer Support Service

    As your customer support outsourcing partner, we ensure first-connect-resolution, nurture customers and strengthen existing relationships.


    Customer Loyalty

    We provide accurate info and candid solutions and take complete ownership of resolution as we acknowledge, “One bad experience can drive a customer away”. 

    Our Digital Support Includes


    Voice Support

    Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by offering personalized, best-in-class, and multilingual inbound and outbound voice support services.


    Email Support

    Implement an effective, customized and cost-efficient email ticketing system to deliver standardized, high-quality and faster resolutions to your customers’ queries.


    Chat Support

    Customers love real answers from real humans, not automated AI responses. Provide quick and effective resolutions through an integrated chat support solution. 


    Back-office Support

    Outsource non-core back-office functions to a process-driven front-office CX partner and reduce escalations, improve the bottom line and bring down operational costs.

    Get a winning CX strategy to drive your business forward

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