Building a Futuristic, Flexible and Scalable Business Process Management Solution for a Food Delivery Giant​

    The Client

    The client is a popular multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company that boasts
    qualities of good customer service

    10,000+ locations

    3 important qualities of customer service

    10,000+ employees

    Business Challenges

    Over time, the demand for food delivery has grown substantially. With a digitization push boosted by easy access to internet and data, consumers have shifted their preferences toward online shopping and food deliveries! It’s a complex and sensitive business, where maintaining excellent customer satisfaction on uncontrollable issues like rider delays and restaurant errors is difficult.

    This becomes even more complex when volumes fluctuate and reach their peak during lunch and dinner hours. Businesses’ CSAT levels were dropping to as low as 60% as customers downvoted support systems even for concerns related to riders or restaurants and compensatory credits reached alarming numbers as customer behavior patterns were skewed.

    Solutions Delivered

    The food delivery giant partnered with JindalX in early 2017 by leveraging a co-managed service model and scaled up by 900% in less than two years.

    Enabling a real-time delivery business process management (BPM) solution began with a human-centric approach which included putting the customers at the center of the journey and employees at the heart of advanced processes. JindalX built a tech-focused customer experience (CX) strategy that enabled smart volume predictions and staffing based on social events, festivals, sports events, and lunch/ dinner hours. We developed NLP/ ML-based chatbots to automate internal processes, including the IT helpdesk, HR, and Administration and assess the intent behind queries.

    business process services

    JindalX also hired a team of dedicated specialists who went through a minimum of 6 weeks of comprehensive training before getting certified. They leveraged the intelligent system to efficiently manage 360 Real-time monitoring (RTM) and over 50% volumes on omni-channel platforms, delivering up to 1 million chats per month using 3-4 chat concurrency models. This next-gen on-floor help desk technology empowered the in-house operations team to deliver qualitative and quantifiable results across various CX metrics like AHT, FTR, and Instant Resolution (IR) and reach over 50% improvement in quality scores.

    Improvement Plans

    improve customer experience

    Daily critical function checklist for the team leaders (TLs) to manage operations.​

    amazing customer service

    Customer rating-based queue for preferential service support & resolution.

    benefits of customer service

    Investments to groom and train associates by external consultants.

    importance of customer support

    Hourly live drills to announce & compare sitewide CSAT & rewards.

    great customer service

    Special training sessions (Gamification-based) to overcome context-based situations.



    CSAT Scores for over 4 Years


    Increased Operational Efficiency​


    Reduction in Lost Orders​

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