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    Empowering manufacturing businesses with tailored solutions. Leveraging over 23 years of expertise, we specialize in developing CX and digital transformation services that maximize sales and revenue.

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    Leading American E-Com Giant Improves Repeat Purchase By 63% With JindalX

    The American E-commerce giant partnered with JindalX in 2012 to improve their customer experience across their microsites with our end-to-end to BPM solutions.

    Solutions for Modern Manufacturing Excellence

    End-to-end transformative solutions designed to revolutionize your operations, streamline supply chains and drive digital transformations

    From accurate order management to optimizing logistics and fostering strong supplier partnerships, we ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction throughout the supply chain.

    • End-to-End Order Processing
    • Logistics Support
    • Relationship Management
    • Returns and Reverse Logistics

    Empowering leading manufacturers in the digital age with our suite of Digital Transformation Services to drive innovation, save costs and accelerate growth across diverse domains.

    • Process Optimization and Workflow Automation
    • GenAI and Machine Learning Integration
    • Data and Cybersecurity Solutions
    • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Elevate your customer interactions across touchpoints with our tailored CX strategies. Our solutions focus on improving brand loyalty, advocacy, and satisfaction through a seamless, cohesive approach while leveraging the potential of AI and human intelligence.

    • Multi-channel CX Support
    • Sales & after Sales Support
    • Customer Feedback and Survey Collection

    Digital Customer Experience

    Elevated Growth, Enhanced Experience

    Leverage robust data-driven insights and AI-powered solutions to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and reduce costs, strategically allocating resources for maximum impact.

    Operational Excellence for Enhanced Experience:

    Redefine operational efficiency through AI-powered strategies tailored for superior manufacturing processes. This not only drives cost reduction but also amplifies the overall customer experience, ensuring satisfaction at every touchpoint.

    Talent Acquisition & Training for Manufacturing Mastery:

    With over 23 years of expertise, we specialize in large-scale, multilingual talent acquisition for manufacturing. Our tech-empowered hiring process efficiently manages a vast talent pool. Rigorous industry-specific training programs foster a dynamic workforce excelling in the dynamic manufacturing landscape.

    Cutting-Edge Tech and Infrastructure Solutions:

    Our holistic infrastructure, integrating advanced AI technology, automates processes and offers innovative solutions. This enables the delivery of secure, safe, and unparalleled customer experiences, tailored for multinational manufacturing conglomerates.

    Take a Leap Towards Secure Operations, Excellence, and Customer Satisfaction

    Optimizing Your Operation For Better Growth

    Delivering seamless, engaging, and efficient customer interactions at every touchpoint. We leveraging new-age technology and human insights, we offer intuitive and tailored customer support services round-the-clock.

    Data Security and Compliance

    Ensure the highest level of data security and compliance with JindalX. We implement state-of-the-art measures to safeguard your financial information, providing peace of mind and trust.

    Cost Efficient

    At JindalX, we understand the value of your resources. Our cost-efficient solutions are designed to optimize your financial processes, enhancing profitability and sustainability.

    Omnichannel Customer Experience

    Experience financial services personalized to your unique needs with JindalX. Our customer-centric approach ensures that you receive tailored solutions, fostering trust and satisfaction.

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