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    Transforming new-age travel and transport businesses with our GenAI solutions and human insights for growth, efficiency, and an unmatched customer experience.

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    CSAT & DPSAT Across Languages


    Improvement in Efficiency


    Improvement in AHT


    First Call Resolution

    Expert Insights

    International luxury hotels & resorts brand Transforms Omnichannel CX Support Globally with JindalX

    The luxury hotel brand partner with JindalX to integrate and improve their omnichannel customer support across locations. From bookings to checkout and beyond, read how JX streamlines CX processes for the brand.

    Travel & Hospitality

    Personalizing every interaction across touchpoints for improved trust, loyalty and experience


    Delivering unparalleled value in each logistics journey through technology-enabled services and flexible operating models

    On-demand Delivery

    Aiding on-demand delivery businesses with prompt, secure, and efficient support every time.

    Impeccable CX at Every Touchpoint

    From personalized interactions to efficient issue resolution, we ensure an impeccable customer journey that reflects the fusion of technological innovation and unparalleled service excellence

    Next-gen digital solutions enabling businesses to craft personalized traveller experiences across various channels
    • Booking and Appointments
    • Reservation Changes & Cancellation Management
    • Comprehensive Booking to Checkout Support
    • IRROPs (Irregular Operations) Resolution
    • Lead Generation & Sales Assistance
    Unleashing unparalleled value in every step of the logistics journey, our technology-driven services and adaptable operating models redefine efficiency and elevate the overall experience.
    • Globally Customer Support
    • Tracking & Delivery Support (RTO & NDR)

    Ensuring fast, secure, and efficient support at every turn.

    • Order Tracking & Delivery Support
    • Delivery Partner Support
    • End-to-end Customer Support
    • Emergency Support (SOS)

    Digital Customer Experience

    Personalizing Every Interaction, Journey, and Experience

    We use leverage AI-powered tech, human insights, and strategy to streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and significantly reduce costs in providing omnichannel CX, enabling you to stand out.

    Operational Excellence and Experience

    We redefine operational efficiency by combining tailored strategies with AI-powered optimization. This not only reduces costs but also enhances the overall customer experience.

    Talent Acquisition & Training

    Our 23+ years of expertise lies in large-scale, multilingual talent acquisition. We leverage our tech solution to expedite the hiring process and effectively manage our large talent pool. Our rigorous industry-specific training programs ensures to build a dynamic workforce that adapts and excels in dynamic BFSI environments.

    Cutting-Edge Tech and Infra

    We have a holistic infrastructure integrated with advanced AI technology, that assists in automating processes to offer innovative solutions, ultimately enabling us to deliver secure, safe, and supreme customer experience to multi-national conglomerates.

    Fostering Omnichannel Support, Security, and Loyalty Across Customer Journeys

    Amplify Your Efficiency, Excellence and Growth

    Leveraging GenAI and human insights to offer dynamic and digital solutions round-the-clock. We focus on elevating your digital engagements across touchpoints and ensure to improve experiences effortlessly.

    Data Security and Compliance

    Ensure the highest level of data security and compliance with JindalX. We implement state-of-the-art measures to safeguard your financial information, providing peace of mind and trust.

    Cost Efficient

    At JindalX, we understand the value of your resources. Our cost-efficient solutions are designed to optimize your financial processes, enhancing profitability and sustainability.

    Omnichannel Customer Experience

    Experience financial services personalized to your unique needs with JindalX. Our customer-centric approach ensures that you receive tailored solutions, fostering trust and satisfaction.

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    Increase in CSAT Across Language


    Improvement in Operational Efficiency for On-Demand Delivery Brand


    Reduction in Lost Orders

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