Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Advanced analytics (AA) andĀ artificial intelligence (AI)Ā have proved their importance in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, bringing and delivering results globally. The key expectations around transformational analytics is to provide higher revenue and productivity, and enhanced effectiveness of marketing expenditures and sustainable competitive advantage. More importantly, it is imperative to adequately capture and track the consumer behavior and tailor marketing strategies appropriately, considering the dynamic demand of the market and the presence of ever growing competition.

    Despite the understanding of the importance of Advanced analytics (AA) andĀ artificial intelligence (AI) Many CPG companies, however struggle to efficiently harness AA and AI. This is primarily either due to setting up inexperienced analytics practice or engaging a partner which does not understand the demands of a large-scale analytics or technology transformation program. A experienced partner will always start with assessment of the structure for sales data gathering and looking at insights from retail sell-in d sell-out data, global sales MIS, retailer data etc. The model implementation is far more beneficial when the goals are defined and the key areas of improvement are highlighted. Our first focus is to identify the gaps that can discourage CPG companies from investing in AI and AA solutions and giving them a detailed understand of the result expectations.