Content Curation


    In this era of mass information consumption, content can be a significant differentiator for any brand. Whether it is an ecommerce business informing customers about its product lines or a healthcare organization promoting its medical plans, the tone and quality of content can be a game changer. JindalX has deep knowledge and Xperience in designing, curating and moderating content. Our content curation engine assists in optimizing content for strategic as well as transactional needs.


    Xperience Personalized and Maximized Engagement

    Content Curation
    • Topic Selection – We partner with clients to define topics to optimize customer engagement.
    • Source and Influencers – Our research experts follow latest trends by using multi-dimensional search and our proprietary trend monitoring applications. This helps us curate content from the right sources and influencers.

    • Content Brand Identity – The final curated content must be right-fit for the brand to strengthen a brand’s image and make appropriate connect with a user. We ensure the content we curate is fully aligned with a brand’s identity and core ethos.

    • Vernacular Content – We provide content curation and moderation solutions for vernacular languages to maximize customer engagement.
    Content Moderation
    • AI Based Models – we develop customized AI models to automatically define, select and moderate content.

    • Hybrid Models – while AI accelerates the process, human intervention helps identify nuance and context to fool-proof the process.

    • Mutli-dimensional Models – we provide innovative filtering and moderation techniques for text, image and video content.

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