JindalX has partnered with MMG, a leading healthcare services provider in the US, to offer world class RCM and Healthcare Support Services. Operating under the entity JindalMMG, we bring together our decades of experience in Healthcare and Business Process Management to transform the way hospitals manage patients.

    Our best-in-class healthcare solutions simplify onboarding of your revenue cycle management requirements so that you are not distracted from your patients and can continue to bring more smiles. Unlike other RMS solution providers, we offer:

    • End-to-End on-boarding and transition of all your RCM activities within 2 weeks or less.
    • Advanced data analysis to gather insights. on your first past claims, accounts receivables and denial management processes
    • Our business analytics platform that brings a 360-degree view of medical billing process directly on your handheld.
    • Complete insights and management of pre-visit requirements, claims and denials, in addition to accounts receivables cycle reduction by up to 50%.



    • Appointment and Scheduling
    • Patient Registration
    • Referral Verification
    • Eligibility Verification
    • Prior-Authorization
    healthcare appointment


    • Medical Coding
    • Coding Audit
    • Charge Entry & Charge Audit
    • Payment Posting

    Claims Administration

    • Claims Filing & Conversion
    • Denial Posting & Management
    • A/R Management
    • Claim Dispute Verification
    healthcare claims
    healthcare analytics

    Healthcare Analytics

    Our proprietary Healthcare analytics solutions enable real-time insight into patient records, enabling instant status check and ready access to information on your preferred device. We deploy PowerBI enabled real-time reporting to provide a comprehensive view of claims and other aspects of the revenue cycle.



    Operating at 3.2% denial, 97% first pass claims and 97% billing and coding accuracy


    Reduced administrative cost to up to 30%


    Customized analytics solution to provide 100% real-time RCM visibility to providers


    Time in A/R less than 30 days for 90%+ claims


    We deploy over 50 Billing, Systems, Coding and HER technologies to meet your specific needs

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