Manufacturing & Consumer

    Manufacturing & Consumer

    JindalX started as a technology and intelligence arm of one of the largest manufacturing business houses in India. Our solutions have evolved with the evolving industry dynamics, factoring in the macro trends, consumer behavior and a transformed technology landscape.

    We understand that manufacturing requires support which is flexible, agile, scalable and diligent. We have designed, implemented and promoted self-serviceĀ customer supportĀ options that allow easier and faster resolutions. Understanding that customers also value a personalized interface, we provide traditional voice and chat channels whenever they need and ensure they have an affable and outcome based engagement.



    Our teams undergo intense training to understand your products, customer behavior and patterns to deploy support solutions, which enhance customer experience and their perception of your brand.

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    We deliver optimum support service on pre-purchase and post-purchase customer requirements such as onboarding, installations and repair. We manage and collaborate with retailers, on-field service agents and your business operations to develop personalized customer support models.



    Agility in managing operations, which enabled us to support a 400% growth with an addition of 11+ LOBs, all in a single quarter.


    Efficient workforce management with a proven capability to manage large scale seasonal volume fluctuations

    Resource Management

    Capability and capacity to manage and excel on multiple lines of business under one roof

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