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    JindalX and OP have worked together as partners to solve some of the most complex problems in the FMCG, CPG and Retail space using Advanced Analytics, applied AI and ML solutions. Leveraging the industry expertise in Analytics from OP and experience of JindalX in working with specialized machine learning & AI models we have created a unique capability that can offer sustainable and transformative results.

    Optimization Partners (OP) has a strong point-of-view on how companies use data and analytics to outgrow competition.  OP are an agile and innovative company backed up by a scaled strategic partner in JindalX who provides state of the art technology and resources.  Their founder and senior staff have worked and lived on both sides of the desk … Supplier AND Client.   Practitioners who have faced the same growth and efficiency challenges they help their clients battle and win.  OP understand that the work is meaningless unless it can deliver tangible wins in the marketplace.  OP looks to a few guiding principles for success when implementing AI solutions:

    1. The output must be practical and actionable. OP are practitioners and understand the end game.
    2. The system has to be correct and considered the “Single-Source” of truth.
    3. It must be innovative enough to help you outsmart your competitors.
    4. Without organizational adoption it has failed … OP expects you to be able to use the tool to maximum effect after OP leave.
    5. OP was built from the ground up to solve problems and find opportunities using marketing and sales data which is some of the messiest in existence.  OP have seen tech and analytics companies who have not been insider practitioners brought to their knees trying to clean, integrate and analyze this information.


    Their company is confident in its ability to deliver ambitious projects on-time with high quality.  Proven as a team, OP constructed and deployed a sales support technology platform for a large HBC company.

    • 70 Billion Data Points
    • Hourly data updates
    • Full suite of ML and predictive models
    • $500MM incremental revenue delivered


    OP has a powerful vision for how brands can thrive in a world where the world’s most powerful companies are trying to disintermediate their value through robotic algorithms.

    Amazon and Google are the undisputed leaders when it comes to decoding and influencing consumer behavior using AI.  Evolve or Die is the ultimatum the market has given brand owners.

    For some time, it has been clear to Optimization Partners that brands must evolve how they make decisions, chart their long-term course and invest their below-the-line budgets or they will cease to exist.  The 2008 recession and now the Covid-19 pandemic has put this issue into sharp focus.

    In the past, brand owners could use retail relationships and operating scale to compete and win share of wallet.  Now, they are at the mercy of Amazon’s Robotic Algorithm and what it represents.  The market is moving and changing too fast.

    Corporate decision structures cannot compete … they are based on sparse and disorganized data being analyzed by individual human brains aided by archaic math.

    Finding salvation in the very same advances to data science, AI and machine learning that threatens them is the only path forward.  The combination of these advances with the highly trained decision support and tactical execution teams these companies have assembled is unbeatable.

    The key is to build highly evolved and complex technology that fuels a simple and elegant human interface.  The key is supplying predictive real time recommendations and insights to the management team in a way they can digest and act upon in a practical way with retailers and other business partners.  The key is finding patterns both macro and micro in the data that only a robot can quickly recognize and pointing them out to the line managers that can act, plan and implement. And come up with creative solutions to take advantage of the insights.

    Optimization Partners has the capability to arm these managers with the highly advanced data and technology that can deliver the prescriptive solutions required for the business to thrive.  Their robots work 24/7 to find your company money.

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