Technology is at the core of everything JindalX do, which is why we have a dedicated innovation hub, to develop and implement technology enabled applications. Our customized enterprise solutions are aimed at enhancing customer experience. Our proprietary products such as IntelliCRM, Market Force and Influens have successfully improved organization-wide efficiency and profitability. We deliver these solutions in Cloud, on premise or as a hybrid of the two. Once deployed, we provide training to our client’s resources to build their in-house capabilities. We also maintain an open feedback loop with them for ongoing improvements.

    Innovation Hub

    A quick peek into our portfolio of proprietary applications.


    A Customer relationship management system which maximizes firm value from each customer interaction.


    MarketForce is an easy-to-use centralized system used to track progress of various projects run by the company.


    Vconligo CRM serves as a single point solution to manage multiple vendors, their call centers and customers.


    V-Verify is an online tool for quality control and for auditing sales made by agents.


    AQUA is a web-based tool for Auditing, Quality control and Calibration.


    Influens is a retail-focused IOT platform to gain customer insights through management of beacons and digital signage displays.

    Supply Chain Portal

    Supply Chain Portal is a web based application to manage complete workflow from manufacturing purchase orders to shipment.

    B2B Ecommerce

    B2B Ecommerce platform for small lot buyers to eliminate intermediaries, minimize spurious products and set up floor prices.

    Our Tech Levers

    Custom Applications

    Our customized applications have successfully delivered organization wide operational efficiency and profitability.

    Application Integration

    We provide seamless application integration across diverse platforms with our client legacy applications, CRMs and platforms.


    We integrate applications across client offices in multiple geographies with their current operating platform through our customized software and systems.

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