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    Revenue Cycle Management‚Äč

    At JindalX we offer you exceptional Revenue Cycle Management services as a leading healthcare service provider in the US or India. With JindalX Healthcare you can expect meeting all your business and clinical requirements like, Administration, treatment information, appointment schedules, accounts receivables, claims, denial, and reporting management within time and with utmost attention and personalization.

    With our expert Revenue Cycle Management and Healthcare Support Services we help our clients devote their attention to their patients while we work round-the-clock and offer-

    • Punctual end-to-end on-boarding and transition for all your RCM activities within a time frame.
    • Advanced and detailed data analysis of your past claims, accounts receivables, and denial management services.
    • A unique medical billing processes right on your fingertips.

    Unlike most RMS, we provide you solutions that go beyond the traditional RCM models and help you.

    Track and measure your performance- by setting benchmarks and assessing the same by implementing data analytics- to identify patterns and improve claim payouts by 40%

    Increase revenue- by eradicating leakages and maximizing inflows to reduce time in A/R by 30%

    Improve operations- via optimizing efficiency with 100% visibility, working on water-tight KPIs and significantly reducing costs

    Receive custom solutions- with the help of personalized medical coding, audits, accounts receivable management, and practice advanced analytical solutions.


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    Delivery Best-Practices

    We deploy our proprietary real-time reporting engine which provides a 360 degree view of the revenue cycle along with complete insights into accounts receivables, claims, denials and several other critical aspects. Our specialized analytics solutions also include:

    Customized RCM workflow tools & analytics based dashboard to increase efficiency and provide 100% visibility

    Smart analytics tools – to identify patterns and improve claim payouts by 40%

    Follow-up automation and claim standardization to reduce time in A/R by 30%

    Zero-surprise operations by maintaining 100% pre-auth for eligible claims

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