Building an Advanced Data Warehouse Platform for a Leading American Direct Television Marketing Company

    About the Client

    The client is a leading American direct television marketing company known for its innovative product catalogue, designed to provide convenient solutions to everyday needs while saving money.

    Business Challenges

    In today’s competitive market, businesses must try reaching the largest user base, possible only with a robust offline and digital footprint. With presence across 30+ online marketplaces like Shopify, 200 microsites and multiple big retail outlets like Walmart, Target and being the original creator of the “As Seen On TV” logo, our client, Telebrands, has a great market share and engagement rate. However, the same enormous presence also comes with its own set of challenges, such as multiple data sources and channels, which means data duplication or missing data, volatility and inconsistent reporting. 

    It was difficult to track visitors’ data and get real-time information. Furthermore, they also ran different campaigns across TV, microsites and Shopify but couldn’t identify which worked better or where they were losing money. A wide range of disparate sources and unstructured, volatile data sets with limited real-time insights fundamentally led the client to look for a central data repository. So, the data constantly generated at every step of the user journey gets captured, synchronized and analyzed in real time.


    Online Marketplaces


    Telebrands entrusted JindalX in 2021 with building a flexible foundation, a data warehouse solution, optimized to collect and analyze volumes of data from disparate sources, especially Shopify, and helps support their business intelligence initiatives and accelerate decision-making.

    We designed an integrated Amazon Redshift-based cloud data warehouse solution, “IntelliCRM DWH” built with the best technology and ability to handle large scale data sets. This central data repository imports order data real-time from Shopify and other online marketplaces which include new order information, addition and status notifications for all transactions including shipping details, and cancellations and refunds updates.

    The suite of integrated applications helps the operations team to provide customer support services on orders originating from multiple sources. They can now filter, sort, aggregate, analyze the data, make informed business decisions and achieve high accessibility to customers and optimize revenue.

    Enterprise Data Warehouse

    Date warehouse


    Helped client discover 2500+ (>3%) missing orders in order stage in less than 3 months.

    Identified most effective social media sources for individual products.

    Highlighted campaigns’ effectiveness of 70+ products resulting in more than 90% order conversion.

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