Culture Trumps Everything Else

    mandavi sharma
    Mandavi Sharma

    An organization is only as strong as its culture. And since culture is defined by the shared values of its people, that‚Äôs where an organization draws its strength from. At JindalX, we are proud of the four values that define our culture ‚Äď Ownership, Innovation, Growth & Opportunity and the value that binds the first three together and makes them possible ‚Äď People Centricity.

    People Centricity is a highly appropriated term that finds its way in the vision and mission of most organizations these days. But for us, it has held a deeper meaning for the last two decades. It is an idea that was rooted in our corporate DNA from the very beginning. It is also the reason why our first employee is still with us and our first client is still our client.

    In this era of fast paced technology and disruptive innovation, organizations focus a lot on processes (to an extent rightly so) that will smoothen transition from the old to the new, but often lose sight of their most important asset, their people. Are we preparing our people for this transition? Have we taken them into confidence and shared our vision? How do we ensure that they not only feel secure in their jobs but also become flagbearers of this vision?

    Understanding the ‚ÄúWhy‚ÄĚ?

    The age of passive employees is well past us. Today‚Äôs workforce is ambitious, driven, independent, well-travelled and most important, knows its own worth. It is important for them to know and understand why they need to do something to completely buy into it. It is also to an organization‚Äôs benefit to effectively communicate the ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ, because being employee-centric and company-centric is no longer mutually exclusive.

    When Employees thrive, so will the Organization

    When an employee knows and understands that the organization’s vision is aligned to his/her own success, and that it is in the organization’s interest that the employee thrives, they will be motivated to see the vision become a success. After all, they are our direct line to our customers and our customer experience. As the back-end, front-end and everything in between, their interactions reflect their passion, commitment, respect and alignment with the organization and their colleagues.

    Every Xpression Matters

    At JindalX, we are committed to making ‚Äúpeople-centricity‚ÄĚ real for our people ‚Äď in their lives, attitude, interactions and professional & personal aspirations. We truly believe that each voice matters and that it should be confident, engaged and empowered. It is only then that the individual will be aligned with the collective, and the vision of ‚ÄúTogether Xponential‚ÄĚ.

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