People Power! How a Human-Centric Leadership Model Drives Customer Success 

    mandavi sharma
    Mandavi Sharma

    Effective leaders excel at motivating their teams, encouraging collaboration, increasing production, and commanding respect. However, these characteristics frequently do not sufficiently encourage the formation of human relationships. With the introduction of hybrid and remote working, the distinction between work and home life has grown increasingly blurred. As a result, team leaders and managers must prioritize their employees and take a people-centered approach to leadership.

    What exactly is human-centered leadership, and how can it benefit both your business and drive customer success

    Customer Success in Human-Centered Leadership

    Human-centered leadership is a type of leadership that helps prioritize people. But how does it demonstrate itself in practice? Being human-centered requires people to value their unique qualities and respect their situations, this means considering your employees as people, not job titles‚ÄĒlistening to their needs and offering support where it is required.

    Principles of human-centric leadership

    • Authenticity: Acting with genuine intention and allowing true self-expression.
    • Empathy: Displaying a genuine commitment to employees’ well-being.
    • Flexibility: Ready to change work structures to meet the individual demands of employees.

    Human-centered leadership puts people first, rather than profits. While conventional leadership focuses on getting things done, this approach prioritizes the well-being and development of people who do them. Nonetheless, organizations may be surprised at how effective a more human-centered approach can be in increasing productivity and success.

    Power of human-centric leadership for Customer Success

    All businesses are human-centered, including those whose value is derived from technology or other assets that still rely on human labor, so why does the concept of being human-centered seem so innovative and exciting?

    Leaders frequently grow so preoccupied with data that they miss the human side of their team. Employees’ anxieties, strengths, limits, and obligations extend beyond their professional duties. When people do not fit into preset categories or demonstrate low productivity, their personal or work-related issues are typically overlooked, and they are considered as contributing to the problem.

    With the epidemic playing a significant role, organizations have begun to recognize that individuals should not simply “keep quiet”. There is frequently more to people’s lives than what is first apparent. Recognizing people as individuals and taking the time to acknowledge their problems and accomplishments may have a significant influence.

    What are the advantages of human-centered leadership?

    In recent years, the priorities of employees have shifted significantly. Following the global trends, research shows that 79% of people would consider giving up their current occupations for positions that offer better support for their well-being.

    Employees leave their jobs for the following reasons:

    • 79% to promote their better well-being.
    • 72% to increase their control over work.
    • 69% to promote their professional development.
    • 68% to perform more meaningful work.

    Strong leadership that generates a supportive work environment is critical for developing a happy and motivated staff. A supportive atmosphere can:

    • Reduce workplace stress by offering resources and encouraging open communication.
    • Increase employee engagement by ensuring they feel appreciated and heard.
    • Increase overall well-being by instilling a sense of belonging and purpose.

    This approach acknowledges that employees desire fulfillment beyond a wage. Leaders who prioritize a supportive culture may develop a flourishing and successful team.

    Benefits of adopting a customer-supportive, human-centered leadership approach:

    • Higher engagement: Employees who effectively communicate their opinions and make significant contributions are more likely to support organizational objectives, resulting in a stable workforce.
    • Confidence about raising issues: Employees who feel comfortable approaching their leaders and managers are more likely to discuss issues in their roles. This enables potential problems to be identified early and addressed promptly.
    • Increased motivation: According to research, 12% of employees are happy at work and are more productive. So, when employees are guided by understanding leadership, they are more likely to feel motivated, which leads to an increase in productivity.
    • Creativity and innovation: People-centric leadership motivates employees to think creatively and present their ideas; by encouraging creativity and innovation in the workplace, businesses can improve their work and stay ahead of the game.
    • Lower staff turnover: Employees who are happy and empowered are more likely to stay, even if better opportunities arise. Strong leadership that supports its team may significantly minimize turnover and retain the best employees on board.
    • Positive workplace culture: When leaders prioritize people, workplaces thrive. This approach, called human-centered leadership, encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work. By feeling safe to share their goals and motivations, employees become more invested and collaborative. This open environment fosters a positive culture where everyone feels valued and contributes their best.

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    How JindalX Empowers Workforce Development and Performance?

    JindalX uses a range of techniques and instruments to support employee growth and productivity. With a focus on employee well-being, a culture of continuous learning, and the integration of cutting-edge technology, JindalX makes sure that its staff is prepared to meet the constantly changing demands of the business.

    The following are some of JindalX’s techniques:

    • Innovative Learning Management System (LMS): At JindalX, we understand that keeping up a competitive edge requires ongoing education and skill development. Through engaging training modules and customized, entertaining material, our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) enables staff members to advance their skills and competencies. This method ensures that everyone has a consistent and hassle-free learning experience by delivering material locally.
    • Insight – Enhancing CX Agents’ Efficiency with a Unified Knowledge Management System: The all-inclusive knowledge management system is made to provide agents with the tools they need by making information readily available. This technology produces decision trees for easy navigation, streamlines process maps, and transforms complicated information into interactive processes. It also has live chat capabilities with supervisors, allowing operators to regularly provide smooth, customized, and sympathetic client experiences.
    • Xcellence – Agent-First Performance Monitoring Tool:¬†Xcellence automates and records agent performance consistently and correctly, streamlining the review process and doing away with the old technique of yearly performance reviews and data silos. Managers may identify productivity and skill gaps, evaluate agent-level scores on specified parameters, and give one-on-one feedback for overall development and ongoing improvement with the use of this application. This encourages agents to keep getting better and being motivated.


    At JindalX, human-centered leadership places a higher value on the distinctive qualities and well-being of employees than on standard performance measures. It promotes flexibility, empathy, and authenticity to create a welcoming and exciting work environment that fosters creativity and motivation while lowering employee attrition. This strategy affects customer success because a happy and respected staff provides better customer service.

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