Click to Calls: How We Helped this Ecommerce Brand with Increased Conversion Rate by 63%

    About the client

    Our client is a prominent player in the e-commerce industry, catering to a more than 15 brands and diverse customer base. They operate in a competitive market where online shopping and retail experiences are in high demand.

    Business Challenges

    In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce and retail, our client encountered a series of pressing challenges. The foremost issue was a decline in customer satisfaction, which was a result of a sharp drop in sales rates and lost revenue. The primary cause of these challenges was the overwhelming demand they faced, coupled with a shortage of adequate services to meet that demand. This situation adversely affected their ability to deliver the best possible customer experience and satisfaction.

    By addressing these challenges, our solutions were aimed at enhancing the overall customer service experience and subsequently improving business outcomes.


    The client approached us seeking a solution to overcome their customer service challenges. To address these roadblocks and revamp their customer service, our team of experts first held a board discussion with the client and our CX professional to work on the solution. We implemented an omnichannel support system.

    Omnichannel Support: Our solution involved integrating multiple communication channels, including email, chat, social media, and phone support, into a seamless and unified system. This allowed customers to interact with the brand through their preferred channels, enhancing convenience and accessibility. This:

    Streamlined Processes: We optimized their internal processes to ensure efficient handling of customer inquiries, orders, and complaints. This involved training their staff to work cohesively across all channels, ensuring consistent and accurate information dissemination. This:

    Data-Driven Insights: Our approach emphasized the collection and analysis of customer data. By leveraging insights from customer behavior, preferences, and feedback, we helped the client make informed decisions and tailor their services to meet customer expectations. We helped the client leverage this goldmine:

    Outbound and Inbound Services: We didn’t stop at reactive support. We implemented proactive outbound services:


    The implementation of omnichannel solutions yielded significant improvements for our client:

    About JindalX

    Founded in 1999, JindalX, part of the $30 billion OP Jindal Group, is a global outsourcing company delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) solutions for businesses worldwide. We embrace the power of automation, follow a data-driven approach and harness human potential to provide our partners with the best CX. JindalX has served over 100 clients, including fortune 500 companies across 8+ industries including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) in over 15 locations globally.

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