Debunking the Customer Engagement Code for the Digital-First World 

    mandavi sharma
    Mandavi Sharma

    Didn’t feel like cooking food at home? Order it online and voila, it’s at your doorstep in a few minutes.

    Want to buy a tracksuit to start jogging, but don’t wish to go out?Go to your favorite online shopping app and get them delivered to your address and try them at home.

    This is how technology has changed our lives.


    The digital transformation wave has made traditional businesses change their working models and adapt to new realities. About 35% of businesses claim that digitization has helped them understand and meet their customers’ expectations, improve operational efficiency and optimize revenue.


    Customer experience in the digital era

    Digital-first companies are focused on delivering the best customer experience (CX). But how does one know if their CX strategy is effective? As businesses move more and more toward digital-first customer engagement, it is essential to ensure that they are delivering a great CX with their best possible customer support services.

    To deliver the best CX, you first must understand what makes a great customer experience. According to Digiday, “a satisfying interaction where the end-user feels they got their money’s worth and that their needs were met.” Additionally, a positive CX should be scalable and must reverberate across channels and devices.

    The following measures can help you deliver a great customer experience:

    customer experience

    I. Customer feedback or surveys

    Use data analytics to identify your customers’ pain points and what they need from the brand. By understanding which areas of your product or service need improvements, you can focus your efforts on those areas and improve your overall customer experience (CX).

    II. Customer feedback or surveys

    Measure satisfaction using feedback tools such as surveys, feedback by means of ratings, etc. By tracking how satisfied your customers are with your product or service, you can make sure that you’re meeting their needs and ensuring that they have a positive experience.

    III. Two-way communication

    Enable two-way communication with your customers through social media and other online mediums. This way, you can keep them updated on new products or services and hear their feedback directly from them.

    IV. Smooth and convenient checkout

    Create an easy checkout process that is fast and secure. Ensuring a smooth checkout process helps reduce friction in the buying process and leads to better customer experiences for both buyers and sellers alike.

    Final thoughts

    It’s no surprise that customer engagement and retention are key to success in business. In the digital-first world, debunking the customer engagement code is key to outselling peers or staying profitable in the long run. But what happens if you don’t have the right strategy to deliver the best? Or do you have the strategy but don’t have the manpower to implement these strategies?

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