Choose the Best Call Center Company in India: Checklist, Mistakes to Avoid, and MoreĀ 

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    Mandavi Sharma
    How to choose the right call center company

    ā€œOne thousand nine hundred twoā€”thatā€™s the number of call centers in India as of June 15, 2024.ā€

    The question here isā€”how will you choose the best call center company in India with so many options available? Do not worry as you have landed in the right place!

    Dive right into the blog to get a readily available checklist to pick the perfect call center provider for your organization.

    Why is Selecting the Best Call Center Company in India Important?

    A recent report states that 71 percent of customers want personalized experience from companies and 76 percent get frustrated when this expectation is not met.

    This is where a call center company enters the picture! Wondering why you must rely on a call center in India?

    Here are some top reasons:

    There are several more reasons to choose Indian call centers.Ā However, if you end up making the wrong decision, you will have to deal with a number of challenges such as:

    In essence, the best call center company in India will not just manage your customer experiences but also bring industry expertise and advanced technology to the table. These proactive agents will always be there for your customers, ensuring your brand values without any fail.

    Stages to choose right call center company

    How to Choose the Perfect Call Center Company in India?

    To make your selection journey easier and faster, we have divided the whole process into three stages. Letā€™s discuss them one by one-

    Before You Begin: Setting the Stage!

    This is the first stage where you prepare for your selection process. It mainly consists of three steps, which are as follows:

    1. Define Your Needs

    Clearly outline your company and customer needs. It is no news that different companies offer different communication channels. To choose the best fit for your organization, you will have to understand your exact needs. This clarity will eventually help you to make the right decision along the way.

    Here is a checklist of some common needs that most companies consider before they start searching for a call center service provider:

    call center needs

    2. Research

    When it comes to choosing the best call center company in India, gut instincts alone wonā€™t help you. Backing up your decision with thorough research is the key. So, take out some time and check for the company reputation in the market, testimonials of customers, rankings, and more. This way, you can effortlessly shortlist the right companies.

    Here is a readily available checklist to ease your research for the best call center company in India:

    call center research checklist

    3. Establish Success Monitoring Parameters

    It is important to note that not all call center companies offer analytics and timely reports. If you choose a provider lacking these features, you will have to design a strategy to examine their performance. So, the third and most important step is deciding monitoring parameters or strategies. This will help you check the effectiveness of the call center services and if they help meet your organizational goal.

    Here are a few parameters or strategies you can implement at your end to monitor the success of the call center company you choose:

    • Do performance reviews on a daily basis
    • Design a Customer Feedback System
    • Do Random Call Audits
    • Design a Performance Scorecard
    • Do frequent visits to the company
    • Implement tools/software to share data (whenever required)

    Leverage the next-gen solutions for your digital customer experience

    Making the Choice: Key Decision Factors!

    If you complete the first stage efficiently, your second stage will be smoother. This stage is all about comparing features and benefits offered by the shortlisted companies:

    4. Company Credibility

    Choosing a call center is a big investment. From quality customer service to compliance and data protection, they shoulder numerous responsibilities. Companies with credibility mostly have skilled employees with years of expertise, a seamless infrastructure and an excellent track record in the market. By relying on a call center company with good credibility, you will always have peace of mind knowing that your customers are in reliable hands.

    5. Scalability

    While selecting the best call center company in India, do not just stick to the present but focus on the future as well. Ensure that the provider you are choosing can grow with your needs and the changing market dynamics. It is better to choose a company that assures you to handle increasing numbers of calls in the long run. A call center company that scales along with your business will save you both time and money later.

    6. Technology

    Check with the vendor if they have any in-house technology to keep processes running seamlessly for your customers. Say, for instance, the leading call center outsourcing services provider, JindalX utilizes modern technology such as Aqua to retrieve quick and real-time updates on customer interactions. This, in turn, helps them to understand the pulse of the customer better.

    Advanced tech simply means exceptional customer services and satisfied customersā€”so, always remember to check out what each company offers.

    7. Cloud

    Last but not least, select a call center company that utilizes the cloud. According to research by Straits, cloud-based contact centers market size is estimated to reach USD 82.43 billion by 2030. This is certainly because unlike traditional setups, processes are faster and more efficient on the cloud.

    However, if security is your concern and you do not want many agents, an in-person set up might provide you with the desired results. On the other hand, if you want agents in different parts of the globe, there is no smarter choice than cloud but just check with the company how they usually manage emergencies and backups.

    After the Deal: Ensuring Long-Term Success!

    Selecting the best call center company in India is just the beginning. To ensure smooth processes, you will also need to prioritize:

    8. Robust Onboarding Process

    Given that the call center agents are the voice of your brand, they must know your business inside and out. So, check and ensure that the call center agents thoroughly understand your products and services. If not, provide them with the required data and training.

    Take a look at some top benefits of providing an effective onboarding:

    • Decreased Average Handle Time
    • Enhanced Compliance
    • Increased First Call Resolution or FCR
    • Reduced Mistake Rates
    • Improved Cross-Selling & Upselling

    9. Regular Performance Reviews

    Keep an eye on how well the call center is performing. You should always know how exactly they are helping your business. If this step seems time-consuming, go for companies like JindalX that can help you with comprehensive and real-time reports (both monthly and weekly). With such clarity, you can easily ensure high-quality and identify any issues without failure.

    Here are some top parameters you should be checking with your call center partner during the review process:

    10. Continuous Communication & Collaboration

    Staying in touch is vital. Try to communicate with them daily or frequently. Work as a team to address issues and improvement areas. This way, you can all be on the same page, identify new trends and be ready for whatever comes next.

    3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Call Center Company

    Now that you have a checklist for a smooth selection process, let us talk three common pitfalls to avoid:

    1. Not Focusing on Cultural Differences

    A call center company cannot be called the right pick if it ticks most of the boxes but has cultural, linguistic, and time-zone differences. These differences may sound basic, but they often affect the overall efficiency and customer experience as well. Not to forget, when customers find it difficult to ā€œunderstand and to be understoodā€, things can get even more complicated.

    2. Not Prioritizing Security & Compliance

    This is one of the easy but costly factors most companies ignore while picking the best call center company in India. Remember that a small security or compliance issue can destroy a reputation that took you years to build. So, focus on the security and compliance policies of the call center company you are choosing.

    3. Not Valuing Training & Quality

    The call center company you choose should also be committed to training. The amount of effort they put into training their agents to understand your brand, values, customer needs, and organizational goals is crucial. Rely on a company that gives utmost importance to training as it directly correlated with delivering quality call center services.

    Parting Thoughts

    So, you now know how to choose the best call center company in Indiaā€”it is no rocket science! Following all the steps we discussed in this blog may be a little time consuming, but if done properly, you may find the perfect partner for your organization. Always remember that picking the wrong company can result in inefficiencies, unhappy customers, and at the end, loss of business. So, take this as a wakeup callā€”do not take shortcuts while making the decision and invest considerable time analyzing every factor before relying on a call center company.


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