Customer Experience in Logistics

    White Paper, CX in Logistics

    Are you catering to CX across all your channels?

    80% leaders in the logistics sector feel that they are unable to provide low cost customer services with real-time tracking and visibility.

    Are you struggling to efficiently manage your workforce across different logistic channels?

    Efficient workforce management can lead to 20% rise in revenue and substantially reduces cost leakages.

    Do you maintain transparency across your supply chain for your customers as well as partners?

    A research done by MIT Sloan School of Management shows that customers are willing to pay 2% to 10% more for products from companies which showcase greater supply chain transparency.

    Effective Fleet Logistics Management

    About 60% leaders admit that centralised contact centre is vital for effective handling of fleet logistics.

    JindalX Advantage

    We have extensive experience in taking care of e-commerce partners through our:

    Omni-channel Support
    Chat | Email | Voice
    • We hold expertise of effectively handling fleet logistics by serving one of the biggest Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery start up
    • Absolute accuracy & optimum CX with up to 4 concurrent chats
    • Fastest response time and 24×7 support
    • Propensity engines for intelligent solutions and 90% First-Contact-Resolution (FCR)
    We give what your business needs:
    • Personalized and human-centric customer services
    • Gamification based process training led by technology
    • BI led ‘JX Techpack’ to give real-time 360º view of operations

    JindalX is a global business outsourcing company creating success stories for over 20 years. We’re the dreamers, creators, and innovators with a vision to help our business partners, clients, and people achieve exponential growth.

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