JindalX Celebrates Gold Award in Best Learning & Talent Development at LearnX® Awards!

    New Delhi – 19th January 2024,  In a resounding validation of our joint commitment to revolutionizing learning and talent development, JindalX and Tenneo are thrilled to announce our victory at the prestigious LearnX® Awards. Earning the coveted Gold Award in the “Best Learning and Talent Development – Best Hybrid Learning” category, this accolade underscores the immense value we deliver through our collaborative learning solutions. 

    “This LearnX® Gold Award is a testament to the synergy between JindalX’s strategy on holistic training module programs and Tenneo’s deep expertise in designing impactful learning experiences,” stated Madhav Garg, CGO at JindalX. “Together, we’re empowering workforce to embrace hybrid learning with confidence, unlocking transformative potential for both employees and employers.” 

    Our winning entry showcases a powerful example of effective hybrid learning and training of our workforce in action. JindalX leverages cutting-edge learning and talent development technology to train, future-proof our employees and agents to provide excellent CX to our customers. 

    This award shines a spotlight on our unwavering commitment to innovation. From developing immersive virtual reality training programs to utilizing advanced data analytics for personalized learning pathways, we continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in the learning landscape. 

    “Collaborating with JindalX has been a truly rewarding journey,” expressed Ankush J. Jagga, Head of Business at Tenneo. “This LearnX® Gold Award reflects not only the effectiveness of our joint solutions, but also the strength of our partnership, built on shared passion and a dedication to excellence.” 

    The LearnX ® Award is a prestigious recognition in the field of learning and development. It celebrates organizations that exhibit exceptional innovation and dedication to advancing their respective industries. Winning this accolade underscores our commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence. We are proud to share this success with you. 

    Our LearnX® Award win serves as a beacon of inspiration for organizations seeking to unlock the full potential of their workforce through learning and talent development. By embracing hybrid learning, talent development, and partnering with L&D pioneers in the industry, we transform our learning culture and prepare our organization for future successes. 

    About JindalX

    JindalX is a leading provider of learning and talent development solutions, renowned for its innovative technologies and tailored learning experiences. Committed to empowering organizations to build a future-proof workforce, JindalX collaborates with industry leaders like Tenneo to deliver transformative learning journeys. 

    About Tenneo

    Tenneo is a trusted name in learning and talent development, offering comprehensive solutions across blended and online learning. With a focus on learner engagement and impact, Tenneo partners with leading organizations to design and deliver effective learning programs that unlock employee potential. 

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