Strategic Partnerships and Alliances: Collaborations Driving Growth in Home Furnishings

    About the client

    A leading manufacturer & retailer in the Furniture & Home Furnishing market.


    E-commerce & Retail

    Business Challenges

    The client faced a series of challenges that hindered their growth and customer satisfaction. They were grappling with issues related to customer experience, end-to-end sales strategy, and vendor reliability. Their specific challenges included:

    Solution Delivered

    The client partnered with JindalX in 2022, intending to improve their customer satisfaction and leveraging an end-to-end sales strategy.

    To address these challenges and help our client thrive in the competitive market, our team of experts implemented a series of strategic solutions including:

    Introduction of TBH (Ticket Breach Handling): We rolled out multiple campaigns to enhance the end-to-end customer experience. One of the key initiatives was the implementation of TBH, which stands for “Thr – TBC – Ticket Breach Calling. The client was facing high wait times and a surge in call volumes, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

    With TBH in place, our experts proactively called back customers to provide updates and resolve their issues, eliminating the need for customers to make repeated calls. This approach significantly reduced wait times, minimized duplicate or repeat calls, and decreased the overall ticket count. From January-end to mid-March, we successfully resolved between 150 to 518 tickets in a month.

    Inbound Sales Improvement: We hired a set of talented people to handle inbound calls or queries and customer feedback that helped them scale up their sales numbers and improve customer loyalty. The client’s inbound sales were initially at a low 20%. Through targeted strategies and campaigns, we managed to boost their inbound sales performance, elevating it to an impressive 36%.

    JX onboarded talented people and trained them on client’s cutting-edge sleeping mattress technology that brought together perspective of sleep wellness.

    Chat Campaigns Introduction: We recently introduced AI-powered chat campaigns, enhancing the client’s engagement with customers and providing them with instant support and information.

    Retail Store Queries Handling: We implemented specialized solutions to address retail store-specific queries, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers who visited their physical stores.

    Improved Resolution through Support   


    Improvement in Conversions


    Reducing Time to Connect


    Client Testimonials

    “I’m delighted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional vendor (JindalX) for their unwavering support in seamlessly managing our call centres. Their swift transition and adept handling of operations have transformed our customer experience, demonstrating a deep understanding of both technical intricacies and the human touch. ​
    Jindalx’s proactive problem-solving and personalized approach have been instrumental in enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their partnership has become an invaluable asset, driving our growth and success while embodying the essence of a true collaborative ally.”

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