Improved CSAT Up To 93% Leveraging Omnichannel Support for a Leading Air Conditioning Brand

    About the Client

    The client is a leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Founded over a century ago, they have more than 7 business products and divisions catering to their customers around the globe.

    Business Challenges

    With highly competitive market and changing business dynamics, delivering exceptional customer service across multiple channels is crucial for success. However, our client,, faced several challenges in managing their customer interactions effectively. These challenges included:


    The client partnered with JindalX in 2015, intending to improve their customer satisfaction, promoter score and leveraging an end-to-end personalised customer experience (CX) strategy.

    To address these challenges and boost customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores during peak seasons, they partnered with JindalX, a leading customer experience solutions provider.

    After analyzing their historical sales data, we predicted the seasonal demand and variation for the partner. We also hired a dedicated team to work on their website queries from different microsites and address them accordingly. We managed to maintain over 150% of seasonal variation with our readiness and efficient demand forecasting, which resulted in a >13% decrease in customer attrition.


    JindalX has successfully addressed the challenges faced in customer experience management. Our solutions, including enhanced support systems, standardized resolution protocols, round-the-clock assistance, and a refined refund strategy, have significantly improved efficiency and user satisfaction. The implementation of our strategies resulted in some exceptional outcomes for the client:

    About JindalX

    Founded in 1999, JindalX, part of the $30 billion OP Jindal Group, is a global business outsourcing company delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) solutions for businesses worldwide. We embrace the power of automation, follow a data-driven approach and harness human potential to provide our partners with the best CX. JindalX has served over 100 clients, including fortune 500 companies across 8+ industries like healthcare, financial services & insurance, real money gaming, edtech, and ecommerce, among others, in over 15 locations globally.

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