From Rescue Operations to Maintenance: Helping a manufacturing company address challenging situations with care

    The Client

    The client is the world’s largest manufacturer of vertical transportation systems, principally focusing on elevators, moving walkways, and escalators.

    Business Challenges

    Vertical transportation systems are an integral part of our modern, fast-paced infrastructure — offices, gated communities, institutions, and public transport interchanges have all adapted to them to improve accessibility and inclusivity.

    The introduction of barrier-free designs has further pushed public and private entities to introduce vertical transportation systems in their design layouts. The main challenges, however, remain are power failures and the wear of elevator parts that cause elements to break off. The lifts may stop midway and entrap people which could add to discomfort and stress.

    The client, a leading elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation, and service company, ventured into the Indian market in the 21st century. They received complaints mostly from the people getting trapped in the lifts (p-trap) and owners, who were concerned with the slow movement of lifts and pending maintenance cases.

    This is when the client looked for a partner to facilitate the interaction between people in distress and the maintenance staff to reduce panic and anxiety, and foster trust in the brand.

    customer service strategy

    Solutions Delivered

    The client partnered with JindalX in 2015, intending to improve customer satisfaction and increase the reliability and accessibility of their products.

    Our team of experts discussed and assessed challenges/complaints, mostly from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore, to propose a comprehensive solution that complements their brand’s vision of giving people the freedom to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world.

    JindalX categorized this process into 4 steps:

    customer service experience

    I. Customized Journey Map

    Our team designed a customized journey map for the client as per their business needs and requirements. We leveraged superior technologies to build a POC for a CRM solution that encapsulates customer records, safety measures, and quick solutions guides to help people in distress and improve the efficacy of their products.

    quality customer service

    II. Hiring and Training

    We hired a group of well-spoken, talented people leveraging our in-house, data-driven performance management solution, Xcellence. They went through emergency mock-drill training to address real-life emergency-based calls for people in entrapment. The main focus was on laid out on checking on people and staying connected with them until the technician arrives or giving them the best possible help.

    III. Relationship Building

    Our CX reps handled the calls coming from different regions of India with the utmost empathy and care to make people feel heard while they’re trapped in the lift, looking for maintenance help, or trying to reach out to the technicians.

    IV. Automated Audits and Feedback

    We built a different team of experienced and trained people to check up on callers to see whether they have received help within the given time. Also, ask if they are satisfied with the solution provided and take their feedback to audit that helps improve our support team’s delivery.

    Not only these practices helped our support team calm distressed people by addressing their queries but also reduce TAT and improve CSAT scores from 65% to 90%.


    customer support

    Improved CSAT score from 65% to 90%

    wow customer service

    Maintained TAT of 5 mins for entrapments

    good customer service

    Addressed 2000+ complaints per day

    About JindalX

    Founded in 1999, JindalX, part of the $30 billion OP Jindal Group, is a global business outsourcing company delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) solutions for businesses worldwide. We embrace the power of automation, follow a data-driven approach and harness human potential to provide our partners with the best CX. JindalX has served over 100 clients, including fortune 500 companies across 8+ industries like healthcare, financial services & insurance, real money gaming, edtech, and ecommerce, among others, in over 15 locations globally.

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