Driving CSAT During Peak Seasons With JindalX

    About the client

    The client is a well-established e-commerce retailer specializing in fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products. Renowned for its wide product range and trendy offerings, they experience peak seasons during major holidays and special events. However, during these periods, they consistently struggled to maintain high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores due to increased order volumes, fulfillment challenges, and customer service demands.

    Business Challenges

    Our e-com client faced a series of challenges specific to peak seasons:


    To address these challenges and boost CSAT scores during peak seasons, they partnered with JindalX, a customer experience solutions provider. JindalX proposed a comprehensive solution:


    The partnership with JindalX produced significant improvements in CSAT scores during peak seasons:


    Through their partnership with JindalX, this brand was able to overcome the challenges they faced during peak seasons and drive CSAT scores to new heights. The comprehensive solution provided by JindalX, which focused on optimized inventory management, AI-powered customer service support, consistent customer experiences, and proactive communication, demonstrated the significant impact of investing in customer experience solutions. As a result, they maintained their position as a preferred destination for fashion and lifestyle products, even during peak demand periods.

    About JindalX

    Founded in 1999, JindalX, part of the $30 billion OP Jindal Group, is a global outsourcing company delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) solutions for businesses worldwide. We embrace the power of automation, follow a data-driven approach and harness human potential to provide our partners with the best CX. JindalX has served over 100 clients, including fortune 500 companies across 8+ industries including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) in over 15 locations globally.

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