The role of innovation in revolutionizing customer experience

    White Paper, Customer Experience Innovation

    Effective customer service is just not an important element of a thriving business but is actually the key differentiator amongst the competitors. With the increased penetration of internet all over the world, the wants and expectations of customers keep on changing. In order to provide outstanding customer experience, companies have started focusing on omnichannel customer journey and Internet of Things and machine language to leverage personalization. However, what needs to be considered is the fact that there is no defined pathway or strategy that guarantees world-class customer experience. It has to continuously evolve. And the most crucial factor that drives evolution is innovation!

    Experience-led innovation

    With the shift in market concept from selling products to selling services today, it is important for organizations to realize that customer experience innovation revolves around providing personalized, authentic, empathetic and memorable services. This can be achieved by reimagining experiences of how customers use/ interact with the product. A change in product design may be helpful but a fundamental change in how customers engage themselves with the product is definitely the key to boost business. Thus, going beyond the product and adopting a broader view to create unique and surprising “signature moments” with the product can dramatically innovate customer experience.

    Customer-centric innovation

    Innovation being the key to success, it is crucial for organizations to find opportunities to innovate. Opportunities can be explored by focusing on interaction and engagement with customers. It is important not to hear but to listen to them carefully, understand, acknowledge and respond to them accordingly by analysing their sentiments as outcomes of their usage of products/ services as well as considering their feedback seriously for further improvements. The scope of fulfilling customers’ expectations hence, rises multiple times when innovation is customer-centric.

    Organizational culture-led innovation

    It’s high time for organizations to delve deeper into innovating their customer services. However, they must not ignore the fact that employees are their first customers. If employees are happy with the provided services and opportunities, they deliver memorable experiences to customers. Thus, building a cohesive working culture by delivering impactful experiences for employees can pave the way for delivering innovative outstanding services to customers.

    Human behavior-led innovation

    A unique way of innovating services could be to understand the human behavior, its nudges and its tendencies. For instance, customers have an alignment towards self- service in today’s digital world. This particular tendency can be played with to improve customer experience. Now, instead of forcing customers to solely depend on customer support, providing innovative, attractive, customer-friendly digital walkthroughs can boost customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty instantly.

    As the engine of innovation drives forward the growth and success of organizations today, it is worth acknowledging the fact that it’s not the product, but the experience that creates the brand for if you fail in making their day, you fail in prospering with your business!

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