How Business Intelligence is Transforming the FMCG sector

    White Paper, Business Intelligence in FMCG

    The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is one of the most dynamic industries, and the key to remain competitive in this sector is adaptability and responsiveness to the change. There’s constant pressure to increase the efficiency of the supply chain, create new channels and find growth opportunities. In this fast-paced sector, most companies struggle to act quickly because of the lack of availability of real-time data and insights. When large volumes of scattered raw data can’t be processed, they become a huge bottleneck.

    Deploying Business intelligence help companies reduce the manual labour required to manage data and also to get a real-time update. This allows companies to gain a competitive edge, make use of all the data to gain crucial and actionable business insights.

    Business intelligence can be transformational for the Consumer goods sector

    Integrated Operations

    In a sector wherein the operations span different geographies and locations, getting integrated seamless data seems to be a challenge. The dashboards and visualizations that BI presents, helps in amassing disjointed data sets into a holistic view through data visualization. The BI dashboards can consolidate vital information and look into the daily affairs, all in one place.

    Real-time analytics

    Getting access to real-time data dramatically changes the decision making and how organizations use data to predict outcomes and make changes in customer experience (CX). Users by staying connected to the IT infrastructure can see the operations as they happen. The trends derived from this is extremely vital for dynamic analysis and response.

    Quicker fact-based decision making

    Simplified data visualization helps make sense of data. Since there are numerous touch-points and hence numerous data points, BI helps to visualize and make sense of the huge and scattered data sets.

    Superior Quality Assurance

    BI helps predict bottlenecks and identify areas of improvements. It provides the companies with the ability to deep dive into the reason for failures. Empowered with this tool, companies can improve the quality of the products.

    Crucial Business insights

    360° Intelligent BI system helps in Identifying lost opportunities, new segments to target. Utilizing the consumer’s purchasing preferences to make selling decisions.

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