Why customer service across multiple channels should be part of your CX strategy

    White Paper, Omnichannel CX

    The meaning of customer journey is not limited to going to a store today anymore. It has diversified to multiple channels, thanks to the emergence and penetration of digital technology. Customers can avail multiple ways of reaching out to a business- they can visit stores, download apps, visit websites, connect on social media and so on. What is more important to realize from the availability of these multiple channels is that they expect seamless transitions and outstanding customer services at every touchpoint. Thus, businesses today need to ensure omnipresence in order to cater to customers’ needs, increase their retention rates and acquire more of them.

    While omni-channel presence can generate more revenue by exploiting the tendency of customers to spend more, it has its own critical challenges. One of them is the challenge of data integration. Since customers constantly move between channels and devices, sometimes accessing multiple channels simultaneously, firms need to get a 360° view of customer journeys on a single unified platform. This can help them get real-time data insights and design business strategies accordingly.

    According to a McKinsey report, companies which focus on optimizing customer journeys achieve nearly 10% revenue growth and 20% rise in customer satisfaction. With a 360° view of customer journeys, businesses can not only predict needs of customers but can also segregate/ segment them according to their tastes and preferences.

    Intelligent insights bring in personalization. Personalized services across channels boost customer satisfaction to a significant extent. Customers feel connected to firms and associate themselves to brands eventually. Firms can hence create a win-win situation by providing best in-class personalized customer experiences across multiple channels.

    JindalX Advantage

    We have extensive experience in taking care of our partners through our:-

    Omni-channel Support
    Chat | Email | Voice
    • Absolute accuracy & optimum CX with up to 4 concurrent chats
    • Fastest response time and 24×7 support
    • Propensity engines for intelligent solutions and 90% First-Contact-Resolution (FCR)
    We give what your business needs:
    • Personalized and human-centric customer services
    • Gamification based process training led by technology
    • BI led ‘JX Techpack’ to give real-time 360º view of operations

    To get a free demo of our real time 360˚ view dashboard, book an appointment or mail us at sales@jindalx.com

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