Customer Experience in Travel & Hospitality

    White Paper, CX in Travel & Hospitality

    Our research suggests within next 2 years, 35% more customers will move to online booking & will prefer chat and social media as the preferred channel of communication.

    Millennials will pay 21% more to do business with companies who excel at customer service.

    Is your brand making enough efforts to re-design and upgrade the customers’ journey?

    Lack of readiness for seasonal variations and spikes can result in over 15% decrease in customers.

    59% companies experience stressful seasonal scaling due to inaccurate volume forecasting and ramp-up planning.

    One in two customers is looking to get phone or chat based intelligent travel suggestions to book packages.

    1. Regional language use: There is a 45 per cent growth in the use of regional languages from tier-II cities for booking travel tickets while from tier-III cities it is more than 60 per cent. Hence specialized vernacular customer services are needed.

    2. Instant response ‘high tech, high touch’: 43% of Millennials contact customer service from a mobile device. There are various pain points that customers experience in their customer journey, if left unaddressed it may lead to loss of customers and abandoned carts. Hence real-time customer support is essential which can be done either with instant chat or various other channels.

    3. Social media customer service: When a company answers a customer complaint via social media, it increases advocacy by an average of 20%. Management of reputation on social media and tracking the reviews and responding to them is extremely important. Hence having a dedicated social media team is necessary, especially when dealing with the new-age customers.

    4. CusSeasonal scalability: Travel and tourism is a seasonal business and requires effective planning and experience to ramp-up and manage the volumes during the peak season.

    JindalX Advantage

    We have extensive experience in taking care of our partners through:-

    Omni-channel Support
    Chat | Email | Voice | Social Media
    • Absolute accuracy & optimum CX with up to 4 concurrent chats
    • Fastest response time and 24×7 support
    • Propensity engines for intelligent solutions and 90% First-Contact-Resolution (FCR)
    • Proactive social media interactions and end-to-end resolution to grievances
    We give what your travel and hospitality Business Needs:
    • Personalized and human-centric customer services
    • Gamification based process training led by technology
    • BI led ‘JX Techpack’ to give real-time 360º view of operations

    JindalX is a global business outsourcing company creating success stories for over 20 years. We’re the dreamers, creators, and innovators with a vision to help our business partners, clients, and people achieve exponential growth.

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