Customer Experience in Manufacturing

    White Paper, CX in Manufacturing

    Are you catering to CX across all your channels?

    74% leaders in the manufacturing and distribution sector feel that they are unable to provide a seamless customer experience across various channels.

    Are your business partners demanding the same experience as your customers?

    In a survey across 1,000 B2B decision makers, swift and consistent interactions with their suppliers turned out to be the number one pain point, mentioned twice as often as price

    Do you maintain transparency across your supply chain for your customers as well as partners?

    Customers are willing to pay 2% to 10% more for products from companies which showcase greater supply chain transparency, according to a research by MIT Sloan School of Management.

    JindalX Advantage

    We have extensive experience in taking care of our partners through:-

    Omni-channel Support
    Chat | Email | Voice | Social Media
    • Absolute accuracy & optimum CX with up to 4 concurrent chats
    • Fastest response time and 24×7 support
    • Propensity engines for intelligent solutions and 90% First-Contact-Resolution (FCR)
    • Proactive social media interactions and end-to-end resolution to grievances
    We give what your Business Needs:
    • Personalized and human-centric customer services
    • Gamification based process training led by technology
    • BI led ‘JX Techpack’ to give real-time 360º view of operations

    JindalX is a global business outsourcing company creating success stories for over 20 years. We’re the dreamers, creators, and innovators with a vision to help our business partners, clients, and people achieve exponential growth.

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