Omnichannel Support Transformation for a Multinational Bank

    About the client

    A leading multinational bank with a diverse range of financial services, operating in multiple countries.

    Business Challenges

    In the banking and financial sector, customer service is the main traction. Advertising aside, customer executives need to build on a good customer experience. As we move into a new decade, trends are that more millennials and gen-z will open a primary bank account.

    The client sought an end-to-end partner to address critical challenges, primarily focused on automating and optimizing existing processes and achieving scalability in operations while enhancing the hiring process at scale.

    Solution Delivered

    The client partnered with JindalX in 2012 by leveraging an end-to-end business process management (BPM) solution that helps them identify anomalies, create an effective communication strategy to save sales, and improve returning customers. After a thorough discussion with their leaders and conducting real-time, end-to-end analysis of their business metrics and the industry they serve, we proposed a comprehensive solution that helps improve the numbers and customer satisfaction rate.



    Improved Average Handling Time (AHT)


    Increase in Outbound Sales Conversion Rates


    Decreased Attrition Rates

    About JindalX

    Founded in 1999, JindalX, part of the $30 billion OP Jindal Group, is a global outsourcing company delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) solutions for businesses worldwide. We embrace the power of automation, follow a data-driven approach and harness human potential to provide our partners with the best CX. JindalX has served over 100 clients, including fortune 500 companies across 8+ industries including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) in over 15 locations globally.

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