Why Is Managing a High-Performing In-House Voice Process Team Challenging for Companies?

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    “70% of the customer’s experience is based on how the customer feels they are being treated by the brand.”- McKinsey  

    A business does not only sell a product or service but also builds the experience for its customers, mostly through their customer support which encapsulates mediums like voice process, chat and email support, and nowadays social media.  

    A customer’s journey begins when he/she discovers a product through an advertisement or searches for a service based on his/her needs and concludes with a purchase. To ensure this journey, businesses must develop a comprehensive customer-centric strategy that effectively communicates the right message at every interaction, enhancing the overall buying experience for users.  

    One of the major touchpoints in this journey remains the voice process as humans want to be heard and need assistance on calls. While the other mediums play an integral part in providing end-to-end CX and creating a unique brand positioning, voice process still stands out and would continue to be the pillar of CX (Customer Experience) success.  

    bpo voice process

    Benefits of
    an effective in-house voice process management

    From enhanced customer experience to streamlined operations, effective voice process management helps maximize productivity, improve communication, and drive overall business success. Here are some of the key benefits of an effective in-house BPO voice process:  

    voice process management

    1.) Improved customer satisfaction  

    By delivering high-quality voice processes through patient and empathetic customer support teams, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers who receive excellent service are more likely to return to a business and recommend it to others.  

     2.) Increased efficiency and productivity  

     Using modern, effective technology and tools can improve efficiency and streamline voice processes. This can lead to faster response times while addressing customer queries effectively, higher call volume, and greater customer satisfaction.  

    3.) Better compliance with regulatory requirements  

    Robust quality assurance and monitoring processes of teamwork and services delivered can ensure that they are complying with regulatory requirements related to voice processes. This can include requirements related to data privacy, security, and more.

    4.) Increased revenue and growth  

    With the power of data and making informed decisions, companies can identify opportunities for growth and revenue generation. This can include identifying new markets, developing new products and services, and more.  

    Common roadblocks to an effective in-house voice process management 

    In the fiercely competitive landscape of companies, success hinges on delivering outstanding customer experience. As these companies strive to gain an edge, they face numerous business challenges that can hinder their progress. One critical aspect is establishing a robust voice process that excels in better customer interaction. Here are three major roadblocks in building an effective and efficient in-house team:  

    roadblocks to voice process management

    I.) Lack of well-equipped workplace/infrastructure  

    For many companies, limited resources often translate into inadequate workplace infrastructure. Without the right technology, tools, and work environment, delivering exceptional customer experience becomes an uphill battle. Ineffective communication channels, outdated equipment, and inadequate software hinder productivity and impact customer interactions. Partnering with an experienced and well-equipped voice process outsourcing company could help these businesses build better customer interaction leading to improved CX.

     II.) Inadequate team training and development  

    To address these challenges, businesses need a team of experts who possess the necessary skills to provide customized customer interactions. Qualitative knowledge of an individual with exceptional communication and active listening abilities plays a vital role in building strong customer relationships. Their proficiency in service knowledge, problem-solving, and empathy empowers them to deliver tailored solutions that exceed customer expectations.  

    For example, at JindalX, we leverage gamification-based learning modules, modernized Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance accessibility to various data, information, and process guidelines. This not only helps improve their professional development but also helps them deliver better CX.

    III.) Hiring and managing workforce  

    Finding and managing the right talent can be a daunting task for companies. The recruitment process, onboarding, and training require significant investment in time and resources. Effective workforce management is crucial to ensure seamless operations and consistent service quality. Our team of experts at JindalX have built a data-driven performance management solution, Xcellence, that does help automate multiple in-house tasks, including hiring & onboarding, training & reporting, and feedback, among others, to improve customer experience.

    Strategies to overcome roadblocks to building an effective in-house voice process team

    To overcome the roadblocks to effective in-house BPO voice process management, businesses can implement a number of strategies and best practices. Some of these strategies include:   

    Invest in Comprehensive Training and Development 

    Businesses should invest in comprehensive training and development programs to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the voice process. This can include classroom training, on-the-job coaching, and online learning resources. By providing employees with the support, they need to succeed, businesses can improve performance, boost morale, and enhance customer satisfaction.  


    Implement Robust Quality Assurance and Monitoring Processes 

    In order to guarantee the delivery of top-notch service through voice processes, it is crucial for businesses to establish strong quality assurance and monitoring procedures. These may involve conducting frequent performance assessments, monitoring calls, and gathering customer feedback through surveys. By consistently monitoring and enhancing the quality of voice processes, organizations can meet customer expectations and uphold a high standard of service.  


    Use Modern and Effective Technology and Tools 

    To ensure that the voice process is operating efficiently and effectively, businesses should use modern and effective technology and tools. This can include cloud-based software, advanced telephony systems, and specialized hardware such as headsets and microphones. By using the right technology and tools, businesses can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their voice processes, leading to better customer satisfaction and higher productivity.  


    Leverage the Power of Data 

    By collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data related to voice process, businesses can identify trends, spot opportunities for improvement, and make informed decisions. This can include the use of advanced analytics tools and techniques, as well as regular data collection and reporting.

    How JindalX helped businesses: Going above and beyond for superior experiences

    Managing in-house voice process can be a complex and challenging task, but by overcoming the roadblocks to effective management and implementing the strategies and best practices, businesses can achieve success and drive growth and revenue. By establishing clear goals and objectives, investing in comprehensive training and development, businesses can deliver high-quality voice process that drive customer satisfaction, efficiency, and growth 

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