Four business processes that can easily be outsourced

    manoj matai
    Manoj Matai

    There comes a time, at least once during the entire metamorphosis of a business when it has to decide whether it needs to outsource its processes or not. The criticality of this decision lies in its priorities. Many owners reject the idea of outsourcing for the very reason of it being too expensive. However, what they do not tend to realize is the fact that it’s highly unlikely for them to have the luxury of saving time and money, both at the same time while attempting to expand at a significantzz scale. Moreover, technological advancements have enabled streamlining of outsourcing practices and have made complex operational procedures much simpler. Much to the assurance of many, Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey, 2016 reports that 78% of businesses all over the world feel optimistic about the relationship with their outsourcing partners and even today, four years post the publication of the survey report, outsourcing continues to remain a popular choice for a wide variety of industries.

    Businesses outsource processes based on a careful evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses, their unique requirements and the ever- changing, dynamic industry landscape. Nevertheless, there are some processes which most businesses outsource:

    Outsourcing Customer Support and Lead Generation:

    According to surveys conducted worldwide, it has been found that almost 54% of all organizations use third- party vendors to connect with customers. Outsourcing contact center operations to a competent partner instead of maintaining staff to handle such operations in- house serves as a great boon since outsourced partners do not just provide enriching experience to customers but they also help in acquiring new customers and retaining them.

    Furthermore, efficient utilization of skills and expertise of proficient salespersons in handling clients and closing sales should be given maximum importance rather than engaging them in generating campaign- specific leads and making cold calls to fix appointments. Thus, outsourcing inside sales campaign along with CRM management can promisingly help in innovating and improvising upon sales strategies to yield maximum conversions.

    Outsourcing Healthcare Services: 

    As demand for vaccines for novel coronavirus strain continues to surge amidst the global COVID-19 crisis, it becomes more rewarding for medical professionals and experts to prioritize on the same while outsourcing tasks such as medical transcription, coding, billing, etc. to trustworthy partners. Outsourcing revenue cycle management of healthcare services can also help in maximizing the revenue inflow with minimum leakages.

    Outsourcing Content Intelligence:

    Outsourcing business intelligence is one way to nail customer experience. Deriving real-time 360° business insights with the assistance of data experts can help redefine customer journeys and improve personalization of customer support services. It can further enable in making informed, data- driven business decisions, thereby helping organizations to improve upon their core competencies by predicting customer behavior from sophisticated, meaningful analyses.

    Outsourcing Content Curation and Moderation:

    Content writing forms the core of all digital marketing strategies today. Be it blogs, whitepapers or short video clips, content drives the visibility of a particular organization on all social media platforms and search engines. The tone, language and quality of content can be a game changer in today’s era of massive information consumption. Outsourcing content curation, validation and moderation to qualified partners can significantly increase the organization’s omnichannel presence, thereby enabling customer service from multiple platforms.

    In conclusion, outsourcing is surely going to grow in the coming years. Given that the present global scenario is turbulent and critical, outsourcing customer support services is going to boom due to sudden growth, expansion and diversification of businesses such as e-groceries and e-pharmacies. It is yet to explore its full potential in the coming years as it has integrated with the key business processes of organizations today. Businesses must therefore, carefully evaluate the emerging industry trends and not compromise on their competencies by taking a chance in outsourcing their processes.

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